When Going Natural Helps?

With the amount of harmful, toxic chemicals easily found anywhere you go, people have found an increased interest in obtaining items free from such things. Gone are the days when people could easily buy anything off the shelf without worrying about what ingredients went into making that product. Luckily enough, organic items are still available aplenty and with a little bit of searching around, we can easily find organic counterparts to many different products we use.

When people think of the word organic, the first thing that comes into their mind are not natural organic baby products or organic textiles (even though such things exist), but organic food.  Since all manners of pesticides and chemicals are used to grow crops, simply washing your food before eating doesn’t cut it anymore. With recent studies having shown that such pesticides are harmful to the human body, people are now very keen on purchasing organic foods. The advent of genetically modified organisms (GMO) has increased the demand for organic products even more. Some common food items that are best bought after looking for the organic label are tomatoes, strawberries, milk.

Nevertheless, organic food is the only thing that should consider going organic for. Modern cleaning agents are full of many different chemicals to help disinfect, bleach and to give off their usual pleasant smell. What this usually means is that many manufacturers opt to go for some harmful chemicals to increase the cleaning potential of their products. Chemicals like chlorine and ammonia, which cause irritation of the skin, eyes and respiratory tract, are present in most bleaching agents while some cleaners also contain phthalates, which have been linked to endocrine disruptions.

Going for natural beauty and skincare products is also a very smart choice. This type of products is often packed with a lot of synthetic chemicals from parabens to artificial essences. Not only do such chemicals cause skin irritation and allergic reactions in some individuals, but they can also cause various side effects, even in people tolerant to them. Purchasing organic baby oil and going organic for other infant skin care products is also recommended since mineral oils found in most lotions and creams have been a cause of concern for some time, due to the risk of contaminants being present in the organic baby oil, visit https://www.lovekins.com/product/baby-massage-oil/.

Many food containers and water bottles (especially the non-reusable ones) are made of a chemical called BPA or bisphenol A. While these containers are acceptable for one time uses, they are not suitable to be kept for long periods of time. Sadly, it is quite common to see people reusing plastic containers and water bottles regularly that it is often considered as safe. Your best bet is to opt for glass containers, which are also environmentally friendly in addition to being harmless to people.