No Need To Bite Off More Than You Can Chew

We spend a fair amount of time on our complexion, getting rid of muffin tops and trying to achieve the perfect body, but unfortunately we do not expend as much energy on making sure out dental hygiene is also upto par. Which is a pity, seeing as how it actually affects our overall health. Were you aware that plaque has been directly related to cardiovascular disease in several medical studies that were conducted? It is not just a matter of bad breath anymore; lack of proper oral care has much bigger consequences. Of these, tooth loss is one of the biggest in the world although fortunately for you, there are options.

Causes Of Tooth LossAs with any problem, it is necessary to understand the causes before you treat it. In the case of tooth loss, it is important to understand that tooth decay is a major contributor. However, this is not fuelled out of nowhere; if you have not been regularly brushing or flossing, you have paved the way for plaque and bacteria. This leads to gum diseases such as periodontitis and gingivitis which are primary reasons for tooth decay and loss. Which is where your dentist might suggest the option of inserting an implant to replace your natural tooth along with information on teeth implantation cost of dentist in Maribyrnong at

Why ImplantsThere are actually different options for you to choose from if you are not entirely familiar with the above concept. However, it is in your best interest to weight out the pros and cons of each before you decide what works best for you. For instance, bridges, dentures and implants are the three main contenders when it comes to tackling missing teeth. The former two have worked quite well for some time, but have not really filled the gaps metaphorically speaking. Bridges require existing teeth to work, and they also sometimes involve adjustments to those teeth that serve as anchors for the bridge, which means bridges cause more damage. Dentures are not entirely too stable hence can pose problems when eating or speaking. Implants eliminates these issues.

The Other SideJust like Ying and Yang, everything in life has two sides to it and a dentist in St Albans is not exempt from this universal rule. For those who are budget conscious, this might not be the best choice since implants do tend to cost a fair amount, and they are not always covered by insurance. Furthermore, there have been cases where the jawbone rejects the implants, therefore not fusing properly which means you have to give it some time to heal before trying again. By allowing a lot of time to pass, you are running the risk of bone deterioration which in turn prevents the success of the procedure so it is quite delicate all round.

A Good DentistIf your regular dentist does not specialise in this, you should look for one who does. It can be tough to locate a good dentist though; location is important so you can travel easily for checkups not to mention accountability, reliability and trustworthiness along with the cost of their services. You can speak with your general dentist to ask them for their references and who they recommend. They will be able to point you in the right direction. You also have the option of digging information from friends and family as well as running a Google search and then making your way through the list till you narrow it down. Remember, do not rush but take your time if you want a proper job done.