Maintaining A Nature Friendly Garden

When someone says they love nature you expect them to show that in every part of their life. You expect that the person would never use polythene or plastic and that even if he or she does use them he or she would definitely recycle them without throwing those non-biodegradable items into the environment.

Especially, if someone who loves the nature a lot has a love for gardening you expect them to practice organic gardening. However, saying you are an organic gardener and getting rid of all the synthetic fertilisers and weedicides and pesticides does not make you a true organic gardener. There is more to the concept.


To be someone who manages a garden that is truly nature friendly you should be someone using natural fertiliser. That is a true fact. However, it is not just enough using compost to show that you are a dedicated nature lover. That is because though compost helps the plants to grow you need to supply more nutrients to the soil using natural methods such as using animal dung. You can also add agricultural lime. In order to get the same effect of synthetic fertiliser you will have to use a larger amount of natural fertiliser. However, in time, that will be a good thing for you as well as the world.

 Taking Care of Pests and Weeds

As the first step for taking care of pests and wild plants in a nature friendly garden you can start using a natural weed killer, giving up the use of synthetic products. However, you have to remember that natural wild plant killers are applied differently than synthetic products. You may have to use more to get the same result. Also, in a truly nature friendly garden, the gardener tries to keep the levels of harmful insects down by inviting and growing the population of beneficial animals and insects such as spiders and toads. This can take time. Also, you will always have to keep an eye on the plants.

If you can grow up a garden of you own it is good. It is even better if you can invest your time and money into growing a garden that is truly nature friendly too. However, that requires you to invest more time and money as well as patience. Whatever your choice is you can always find help from the market as there are both fully nature friendly as well as synthetic products there for you to buy. Also, you can always get advice from someone who has experience in these matters when putting your ideas into practise.