Learn How To Tie Different Neckties

It requires good skill to tie a tie! Yeah, not all the knots are created equally. Size, shape and symmetry are the important factors that vary from one knot to other. Therefore, here are some amazing tricks that will help you learn to tie different knots. You can choose among a wide array of different types and styles of ties such as woollen, silk, or linen neck ties and then learn how to tie different type of knots.

Bow Tie
Here are some easy step by step ways to tie a bow tie. Whether you want to tie the mens jackets online or woollen ones, the following points will help you out.
•    At first, adjust your tie such that the left side of it is a slight longer than right one.
•    Then, cross the longer end over short one.
•    Now, bring long end via the hole at the centre and simply tighten the knot.
•    Create a bow with the help of the shorter end of the tie and then line it up in a horizontal way. Now, bring the longer end over bow.
•    Fold the bow together around longer end with the help of your forefinger and thumb. You can then pull forward the folded bow.
•    You will then form a small opening that you will push the new bow that is made from the long end of the tie.
•    Finally, tighten the knot and adjust both the ends of the loops.
The Windsor knot
•    Extend the wider end of the tie a foot longer than the narrow one. Now, simply cross the wider end over narrow one.
•    Pull the wider end up via the centre hole.
•    Now pull wide end over knot and back inside the narrow end.
•    Let the wider end be brought forward over the front of the tie from right to left.
•    Then, pull the wider end via the hole at the centre at neck.
•    Now bring the wider end down via the front loop.
•    Finally, tighten the knot with great care with the help of both the hands. Draw it to the collar. Now, pinch the bottom of the tie by placing the forefinger in between the crease that will cause a dimple.

The Windsor tie can give you a perfect classy look for the formal as well as casual settings. It almost seems to be in a perfect triangular shape.
To conclude, depending on the occasion and ease of your hand, you can try different knots with the help of the above guide.