Girls! And Their Problems! How To Help As A Parent?

This guide will help you use the menstruating cup correctly and most importantly with much ease. Keep in mind that practice makes perfect. Although the first-time may seem tough, with time you’ll be glad you switched to cups because of their ease, reliability and being less costly. Girls when they hit puberty which is typically just before teenage or in early teenage have to face many unfavourable issues and problems. Most of these problems are naturally solved with age. However, there are many vital signs to lookout for, in order to see that your teen is coping with all the negativity correctly. You definitely have to be there for her to support her morally, especially if she’s an only girl kid in the family.


‘Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder’. This common saying now has not much of value with the main stream media streamlining the definition of beauty. And making us all believe those photoshopped skinny models that appear on the magazine covers is the only definition of beauty. How often do we see on the internet and social media sites the amount of Photoshop a model undergoes, to get that perfect look? Who set these sick standards? And force all women to follow them. Women who have reached a certain level of maturity know how fake these beauty standards are. But the rest of them, especially those young teens are made to feel inferior and not good enough. A dark skinned French model was photoshopped to look white, which caused quite an uproar. When such things happen naturally girls all over feel left out. A minor scar or acne can cause huge depression to young teens in these modern days. As a parent you need unfold all this fabricated lies of beauty standards set by a few sickos! Talk to your girls and always make them feel beautiful. Tell them they are beautiful. And explain to them the reality of beauty. Keep reminding them regularly that they are beautiful. Help them keep fit and teach them cleanliness. These steps will definitely reduce their stress of wanting to become more beautiful. 

Peer Pressure

Peer pressure is the root cause to most of the teen’s problems. Things like not wearing a menstrual cup that is in style could also be a reason for a girl being bullied. Most of the teens admit to being getting bullied at least once in their lifetime. You may notice your girl starting to wear inappropriate heavy makeup, on questioning you will most likely get an answer like so and so also wears make up like this. Girls in their teenage tend to give into peer pressure without even realizing it. As a parent it is your responsibility to teach them the adverse effects of peer pressure and how not to give in to them. Visit this link to find out more reviews regarding menstrual cup.


Menstruating for girls happen in their pre teenage or in the early teenage. Both very challenging periods in a girl’s life. It is ideal that you teach your daughter about menstruating beforehand so as it doesn’t come as a shock to her. It will also help her get used to the idea. Teach her how to wear menstrual cup when she starts her periods. If you think tampons or pads would be easier for your child then go ahead and teach her how to use them. It is important that she is well informed on menstruating and why her amazing body menstruates.


BOYS! Yes! Boys are on every girls minds. Well at least most. Once they reach teenage, girls tend to naturally feel attracted to the opposite sex. And what the guy thinks of her becomes the most important thing. Some young teenager’s these days are ready to even give up their education for a boy they like. In most cases than not such boys prove to be a very bad choice she made in life. So make your girl understand the value of education. Most importantly the difference between a good guy who likes her for who she is. And a guy who tries to change her and is unappreciative of her. Make her understand that teenage is not the age to make the choice of a life partner but to wait for maturity to kick in before settling with a boy. Bringing up a girl is no easy task. But bring up the right girl can change your life in so many ways for your and society’s betterment. As a women is the backbone of a family and families are the backbone of a society!