Air Travel Tips For Individuals With Disabilities

If you have a disability, or know someone that does, you might be wondering if travelling overseas is a viable possibility. Well, for most people it certainly is. Though it may not be easy, and logistics might be tedious, you can actually fly across the world despite your disabilities. Here are some helpful travel tips that can ease your mind if you’re worried about going on vacation.

Travel Arrangements
Most airlines are well-equipped for people with disabilities to fly with them. Make bookings as early as you can, and inform the airline about your condition. Most will provide special services for you completely free of charge. Make arrangements to travel to and from airports early on as well. If you need special vehicles (such as those with wheelchair lifts), you will have to book these in advance. Arrange with your airline liaison to meet you at the drop off point if you are flying alone. Aim to arrive an hour earlier than advised.

Travel Time
If you are travelling to a distant place, your travel time is likely to be uncomfortably long. If this is going to be the case, try to opt for multiple short connecting flights. Even though airplane restrooms are equipped with disabled toilet backrest, not all types of disabilities involve being able to access these restrooms in the first place. Make sure that you arrange for at least 90 minutes between connecting flights so that getting from gate to gate does not make you miss a flight.

Airport and Airline Features
Before you book your flights, do a bit of research on the layout and facilities of the airlines and airports you will be occupying. Especially if you will have a significant time period for a layover, you need to know what you’re in for. Most airports will definitely be equipped with disabled toilet grab rails, but if you use a wheelchair, a bedpan or urinal might come in handy.

In-Flight Assistance
Usually the person assisting you to and from the plane will also ensure that your in-flight needs are met. However, you should arrange for any special dietary requirements and meal assistance beforehand. Note that airline personnel are only allowed to assist you with opening packaging and informing you of what food items are on the tray. Inform the airlines early if there is any need for special seating or accessories, or assistance required for lifting during boarding and disembarking. These tips should significantly ease your worries and the burdens of travelling, especially if you’re alone. Having a disability does not mean that you can’t enjoy some freedom and travel to distant lands. Check out here for more info about drop down grab rail, visit this site.