Best Sightseeing Locations In Thailand

One of the best tourists’ locations in world is Thailand with beautiful beaches and temples of enormous heritage values. It is also one of the places with numerous sightseeing spots that might make you overwhelmed with the scale and number. So when it comes to picking the places that you should go for you need to research well into different sites on google and take your picks depending on where you are staying at as well.

Chiang Mai Sunday night walking street

Known as the ‘Rose of the North’, the Chiang Mai is one of the hotspots of tourists and expats. The area boasts of a great nightlife with parties, shops and restaurants that will seduce you with its awesomeness and bustle. If you want to enjoy the life of the night bazaar then when it comes to Thailand, Chiang Mai would be the place to be at during night time. The bustling streets, hoards of activity, haggling shoppers, street food stalls, night lights and other plethora of hubbub activities that takes place there would very similar to that of a movie set.

Ayutthaya historical park

A UNESCO world heritage site, Ayutthaya historical park does right by its name and boasts a history that dates back to when it was the second capital of Siam. The ancient ruins shows a glimpse into a more refined life that was available in 1351 when the King found the capital. It was burned down in 1569 by the Burmese so more of the ruins are broken down but the architectural and cultural value has not been lost even after centuries. The park has different sites so you will need a one whole day to explore all that it has to offer.

It would be a good idea to locate yourself to long term rental in Phuket if you plan on staying at the beaches longer, and just stay at a hotel when you are in the mainland for sightseeing, know more here.

Bo Sand – village of umbrellas

If you fancy yourself a handmade umbrella to take back to your hotel or rent apartment in Pattaya,  then you need to get one fro, Bo Sand. Situated east of Chiang Mai town, the village produces handmade authentic bamboo parasols. It’s called umbrella village by the tourists and is a site filled with colors. You can even get a custom made one to suit your tastes and designs there as well. Make sure to plan your tours ahead, and if you do not want to pay a huge amount to tour guides then book a taxi with an English speaking driver who can guide you through for a much cheaper price.