Tips For Exercises That Will Help To Burn And Tone Fast

There are two main reasons as to why people drop out of the gym. One is that they are impatient and are not seeing an overnight change. The other is that they do not have enough time to commute to and from the gym on a daily or regular basis. If you belong to the second category, the below exercises are ones that you can do at home and get really great results with. If you belong to the first category you need to understand that your body will need to evaluate and change according to you workouts and that you need to keep going despite the drain.

The plie squat

Start with repeating four times on this circuit. Once you get the technique and know how much your body can handle try to push for six of this. The workout will target your glutes, inner thighs and quads which are all problem areas that put on weight easily. First stand with your feet apart at a width slightly more than that of your shoulders and turn your toes outwards. Now pull in your tummy and focus on the core, while keeping the abs tight and your torso in straight posture, bend your knees at 90 degrees and squat with the weight of your body resting on the heels of your feet. Come back to starting position and continue again for at least twenty five reps. You can use some good protein powder in your breakfast shake before you start this high intensity exercising.

Bicep curls

This exercise targets the biceps and burns any excess fat while toning and conditioning this muscle. Stand up tall with your feet firmly together and your knees bent very slightly. Hold a heavy weight dumbbell in each hand and turn it around so your palms are facing up. Now being very mindful of that burn and strength in your bicep, curl the weight towards your shoulders and contract the biceps. Lower the weights slowly. Now repeat the process for at least fifteen times. You can push yourself to do this at least twenty five times if you can. If you feel like you lack energy and feel weak, start using some whey protein powder NZ in your diet to give you a boost.

Inner and outer leg lifts

This exercise will target your glutes as well as the inner and outer thighs. Standing with your feet apart at the width of your hip, make sure that your arms are straight and palms down. Now, lift your left leg towards the side and squeeze the glutes as well as the muscles in your outer thigh. Now rotate the inner thigh muscles so that the leg faces front instead of sideways and slowly lower the heel to the ground. Repeat this for fifteen reps for as much as you can and attempt for twenty five after.